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What distinguishes “The Interview” from many Television and Radio programs of the same genre, is that Michael chooses to casually “visit” with each Guest, (many selected from his Blogroll) as if they were having coffee at a café and just sharing conversation casually. "In this setting, my Guests are much more relaxed and encouraged to be themselves, and the result is usually having the honor of spending some quality time with someone in a more reflective mood", said Michael. "I have been on both sides of the table, and that experience has allowed me to pose questions with the utmost respect and care to my Guest  without depriving the audience of gaining a sense of their personality. In comes the warmth and often humor resulting in a meaningful experience that really stays with you for some time. And that's what the experience should be!" he said.  

 Please join Michael for his newest segment, simply called: "The Interview".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Power of Friendship
John & Joyce join me with Rich!
Manning: Rich, at the end of each interview, I ask my guests if they would like to summarize their appearance by making any point they want. I know you're continuing every day to be active and not passive with the ALS. The floor is yours!
Mackney: Michael, when you first hear somebody tell you that you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you ought to go home and prepare with your family to die, it's a shock to your system. You'll find that there are fighters or a run-awayer's. In my experience, if you're not going to stand and fight, you're only going to hasten your demise. I also understand that there are probably fewer fighters out there than there are people resigned to their fate. And so I think, on the one hand, I'm glad I'm like me. I want to fight. You can never do that looking the other way and beat this disease. But in addition, I want to continue sharing information with all the many people out there who are not necessarily fighting--to give them some hope, understanding that this is not standing still. It's moving---slowly---but it's moving. If the last 12 months is any indication, the next 2 or 3 years will see us moving ahead by leaps and bounds. We just need to hang in there for the ride. We do everything we can to stay hanging on.
Manning: Is there anything my readers can do to help push things forward beyond a letter to a Congressman or Representative?
Mackney: I think it's very simple. If you would be kind enough to point your readers to my BLOG, so they can stop and see the research I post there...
Manning: Yes!
Mackney: ..They will find opportunities not only for ALS, but how this technology touches so many other things. If your readers find something that is interesting to them for their family, for their loved ones, then I think it would be great if we opened up communication with their legislators and point them to the same research and ask the question: 'What are you doing to see that this comes faster in our lifetime for my loved one who has Cancer? ...or my loved one who has Parkinson's disease? ...or my loved one who has kidney failure? ...or my loved one who has a busted spinal cord?' I think that if the approach is multi-variable as that it will have a bigger impact, because then it's not one person with one disease who is screaming into the wind. It's a whole bunch of people saying this one technology--this stem cell technology is capable of fixing a whole range of diseases and illnesses. 'What are you doing, Mr. Representative to make sure that this government makes sure to bring this care to me and my family sooner than later?' I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story and my thoughts with you and your readers.
Manning: Thank you, Rich.
Note from Michael: I have learned many lessons from my incredible friend Rich Mackney. Among them, I've learned to be more patient and diplomatic--which hopefully makes me a better Gentleman! But I've also experienced in Rich a Generosity and Kindness towards mankind balanced by the Mental Toughness, Courage and Dedication required to fight Lou Gehrig's Disease. I am very grateful to Rich for making this interview possible. Here is an important piece of information, as I know many of you reading this interview worldwide will want to remain in touch with Rich's progress:

Website Contact for The Rich Mackney Warriors:
This is a GREAT way to stay in touch with Rich!

Together we can win the fight against Lou Gehrig's Disease!


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